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 Looking back half a century

 This is me, Derrick Swain.  I have written a book called Gold Cufflinks which describes living in the new Commonwealth of the late 1960s and early '70s.  Little has yet been written about this period of recent history.  I was lucky enough to witness life in two continents, my work taking me  to live in Zambia, formerly Northern Rhodesia in Central Africa, where I met my wife, and to the island nation of St Lucia in the West Indies.  Gold Cufflinks has received many kind and complimentary reviews, it is full of fun and facts, hard work and history, and shows that a legacy of British colonial administration is more good than bad. That some newly independent nations came a cropper after independence is not the result of a  failed colonial inheritance, rather it is the outcome of political thuggery, witness Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe.  The lifelong friends I made whilst overseas were spared any brutality due to the power of democracy, thanks to the wisdom of leaders such as Kenneth Kaunda and John Compton, for whom I thank God.  You have to read the book to discover the reason for its title! See what readers have said and read extracts on the pages of this website. Copies of Gold Cufflinks  can be bought using the link on the Shop page on this website (best), see below.  Thankyou.

How to buy my book "Gold Cufflinks" with the Author's dedication

Use the link on the Shop page on this website.  Prices include postage to your location

I support The High Five Club's programme of developing community schools in remote villages in the Luangwa Valley bordering South Luangwa National Park in Zambia's Eastern Province, if you would like me to make a contribution of £5 from the author's return to the High Five Club charity in your name towards this programme, then after you have made your purchase, just send an email to goldcufflinks@uwclub.net so we can identify your name to your order and send the donation to Cheryl and Manny Mvula, Founder Trustees of the High Five Club. To learn more about the work of this fine charity go to www.highfiveclub.co.uk 

If you prefer, send me your name and address details by email to goldcufflinks@uwclub.net and I will provide details for payment by cheque or by bank transfer.  Amazon supply an edition, it does not contain all the inside cover illustrations due to their printing limitations, and we are unable to link an Amazon purchase to a charity donation.

This is the book cover, designed by Pauline & Andy Swain

Inside the cover pages at the back and front are collages of photographs taken over the period covered in the book's pages

For any expat who lived in Central Africa or the Caribbean in the late 60’s and 70’s this is a must read. It will trigger your memories with both joy and pain.  Joy at the fond memories of moments, people and places and pain at leaving them all behind, often sadly, forever. The thoughts of a smart young man, untouched by colonialism and out to rebuild and participate in the redevelopment of a whole new world order.  Interesting historical information easily mingles with the reality of the day.  Opportunities seized and missed.  For those who were there, you will love it.  For those who weren’t you will wish you had been.

Maurice A Widdowson, St Kitt's, WI


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